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Post  KireiChorus on Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:16 pm

Hello every-nyan!
It's FuyuWinterXx (the owner of Kirei X3)here, and I have some great news for you all!
Reika (nekolexis- another important member here) and we have been thinking very hard about different things we can do to make our chorus more fun for everyone!

First off~
We'll be hosting a "Kirei Idol", where you can show off your talents to everyone and have fun along the way! (Date will be specified shortly)

Drawing competitions will be hosted very soon, so you can show us how great you are! >w<

We're going to open auditions to instrumentalists too, so we can try to make our choruses that much more epic!!!

Also, if you have any suggestions, ideas or questions; come along and post a topic in the brand new topic we created named "Your say".

We really want to hear feedback from everyone and we look foward to working with you all!

Thankies everyone! >w<

P.S~ if you are interested in animating or mixing, please go to the "Special Auditions" of the forums! We REALLY NEED more animators and mixers! >w<

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