Judging the Auditions!

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Judging the Auditions!

Post  KireiChorus on Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:31 am

Judging is a tough process, and can take a while to ensure we have a great chorus!

The judging process can take from one week- five weeks to complete, so please be patient one auditions are closed!

Here are some tips to look out for when auditioning!

1) Make sure you sing in key, and in pitch too!

2) Sing in time with the music.

3) Never sing too softly!

4) Make sure your microphone is of good quality. (No clicks, scratchy, or fuzzy/static sounds please)

5) Make sure you pronounce the lyrics correctly!

~What happens after auditions are closed~

I will be sending auditions to each judge of this chorus!

We will each hear them, and decide definite singers, and 'maybe' singers.

After a careful selection, we will post the results on youtube!


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