Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post  KireiChorus on Sat Jul 24, 2010 12:05 am

Hi there!

Welcome to the Kirei Chorus forums!

I hope everyone has fun here!

There are a few rules and regulations here, so please read and follow them >w<

1) Bad language is not tolerated here.

2) No bullying of any form is to be used here. BE NICE!

3) Don't take credit of other people's work. They worked hard on it, and it's not yours.

4) Do not impersonate other members of these forums.

5) Please do not write in all CAPS LOCK

6) No inappropriate posts.

7) NEVER post another members personal info. If they want to post it; they can themselves.

8 ) Please do not make references to any sites about bootlegging, shopping, roms, free programs etc.

9) Do not double post topics!

10) DO NOT post spoilers of any show, anime, manga, book or ANYTHING.

11) I will not be held responsible for any third party links posted by anyone on these forums.

12) I do not accept advertising on this site. DO NOT post any advertisements.

13) This is an all age friendly forum. DO NOT post any inappropriate images/videos.

14) If you don't like a topic, don't post to it!

15) No spamming

16) No complaining about other users.

17) Don't post flashy images, or anything that may cause seizures such as flashing lights.

18) No advertising through PM.

19) NEVER quote pyramid flash.

20) Be literate please! (No AHAHA OMG in one post.) Contribute to conversation please.

21) If a conversation with another user on a topic exceeds 4 posts, please take it to PM.

22) Please only write English here. Japanese is also accepted, but not entire posts of it please.

Enjoy our site~


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